My name is Jakub Iwaniuk, I am a freelance journalist and photographer.

I’m based in Warsaw, Poland, where I have worked for several French media, press and TV. Since 2015, I am the Warsaw correspondent of the French daily Le Monde. I divide my time between Poland (where I was born), France (where I grew up) and Ukraine (where half of my heart belongs). My journalistic work focuses on Central and Eastern European issues and the post-communist space. But I’m also fascinated by the Far East, Asia and its mysteries.

Photography is a passion that carries me away from daily media fuss and the endless – and often toxic – flow of information. It helps me to be here and now. I’am particularly interested in black and white photography. Monochromes allow me to interpret reality by focusing on what is essential. It helps me to capture the world as I see it – in thousands shades of grey.